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Program Committee Descriptions

Academic Calendars, Scheduling, and Publications
This committee is responsible for developing sessions related to academic calendars, policies and procedures, class schedules and bulletins, office procedures manuals, intra- and extra-campus communications and academic catalogs.

Admissions, School Relations, Financial Aid and International
This committee is concerned with updates and initiatives in the general scope of enrollment management and responsible for session topics relative to the administration of institutional development and consumer educational opportunities related to all populations in higher education.

Information Technology
This committee is concerned with the use of information technology applied in areas of admissions and records. Specific areas of focus include examination of software solutions that optimize technology and meet the information processing needs of its clients, manual and automated data collection methods and processes, and the analysis and reporting of data for a variety of audiences.

WISDOM: Women, Institutional Equity, Sexuality, Disability Services, Opportunities for Access, Multicultural Awareness
This committee is charged with developing educational sessions, activities, training opportunities, and a mentoring framework focused on issues of diversity, professional access, and equity for the SACRAO annual meeting.

Professional Development
This committee is responsible for developing sessions and workshops related to professional growth, personal and professional issues and their interactions, staff development, office and staff management issues, and other areas, such as legal issues, that span the professional areas represented in the membership.

Registration Techniques and Records Management
This committee is responsible for developing program sessions relating to the academic support services provided by the Registrar's Office, such as registration issues and procedures, orientation, graduation, certifications, diplomas, transcripts, fraudulent records, record retention and retrieval, and optical scanning.

Standing Committee Descriptions

This committee is responsible for developing the procedures and guidelines to be followed by the Treasurer in carrying out the financial affairs of the association. It conducts an annual review of the association's financial records and submits the findings to the membership at the annual meeting.

Constitution and Bylaws
This committee is responsible for reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws and recommending changes to the membership at the annual meeting. Suggested changes come from membership concerns or from committee deliberations.

This committee is responsible for the development and administration of forms used to evaluate the quality of the annual meeting. It tabulates the ratings by the membership and submits the data to the Executive Committee.

Journal Editorial Board
This Board is responsible for publishing the official Journal of SACRAO. It solicits and screens articles for publication, and exercises editorial control according to standards and procedures approved by the Executive Committee.

Membership Relations
This committee is responsible for assisting the Vice President for States/Regionals and Membership in increasing membership in SACRAO, in plans and coordinates the orientation session(s) for first-time attendees at the annual meetings.

Professional Access and Equity
Reporting to the Vice President for Professional Access and Equity, this committee provides guidance in the areas of diversity, access and equity within the organization.

Recognitions and Awards
This committee is responsible for soliciting nominations from the membership and screening candidates for formal recognition for awards and honorary membership according to established criteria. The committee recommends candidates to the Executive Committee for approval.

This committee is responsible for preparing resolutions on issues and concerns and presenting them to the membership at the annual meeting. A good sense of humor generally contributes to the committee's work.

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